Time to say goodbye

It’s that time of the year again. The school year ends in a few more days. This time, Vi is super excited about school closing since we leave to India immediately. Every day he asks me “Amma, how many more days left?” I am all too happy to indulge him since it is going to be one month away from Papa. We both will miss him a lot (that’s a huge big awful lot 😦 ). So I want Vi to be happy and okay to leave. I think I have managed to accomplish that. Yesterday all of us were talking about the trip and I was telling N, that I would miss him. So, Vi tells me, “Amma, I know you are sad, but don’t worry Papa will come soon. After he finishes work.” I was happy and sad at the same time.

This was the first year of public school for Vi, and I am very satisfied with the teachers, method of teaching and the atmosphere in the school. It has been a year of relaxed learning for Vi. In the French system, they take it very slow. So unlike the kids of his same age, Vi hasn’t started writing or reading. He likes to write and that he does at home. At school, it’s more to do with learning life skills like how to behave in a group, listening to your teachers, and following instructions. Here learning is a more wholesome activity and isn’t based on rote or writing.

This year we decided to make something for his teachers. The two teachers who guided him, helped him discover and taught him so many new concepts. As usual, he was very excited in the beginning to make the gifts. He had made gifts last year too for his kindergarten teachers. He decorated the plate and I wrote the initials of the teachers on each plate. I think it’s turned out well 😉

vi painting