Back to School

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

In response to the daily prompt.

Dear Vi,

As a kid, Amma used to love going to school. I would be so bored by the end of the holidays that I would be waiting for school to reopen. I would have completed all the projects to be submitted on school opening, before the end of the 2nd week of the holidays. And then once we get the new books for the next year, I would start reading the English textbooks since it would mostly have stories and essays and things like that. Sometimes I would try reading the Hindi texts too.(Yes, I realise now, that I was kind of a nerd but never knew it then :P) Books of ither subjects like Science or Maths would not be opened or discovered because Amma used to liked to listen and learn.
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