Word of the year 2017 #WOTY #BarWoWe


This year has begun on a good note. We had good food, good company and good memories to start with. I have been realistic as far as my resolutions are concerned. I didn’t make any as always. The new year has never inspired me to make a resolution but this year I would like to choose a word which I would like to carry throughout the year. The word that I have chosen for this year is “FOCUS”. I have always felt that I lack focus in whichever task I aspire to take up. Be it my writing, my artwork or sometimes I feel even in my relationships and daily interactions. I guess the other word I am looking at in this new year is “MINDFULNESS”. To be present in the moment and be able to complete any set task and then move on to the next. At present, I am such a scatterbrain that I have at least 20 posts in my draft folder, 6 art projects done halfway, a house that is a complete mess and a son who is distraught.

         Anyways I am happy that I am in the first step. The step of self-realisation, without which none of the later steps will follow. So first the realisation, then hopefully I will arrive at the phase where I am completely and totally in the moment and be able to focus on one task at a time and arrive at an end. To be honest, I have no goals at the moment. But, I am hoping that by the end of this year I can at least start having a goal or an aim to work towards. At present, my only goal is to “Be Happy” and “Give Happiness”.


***Written in response to the Wordy Wednesday Prompt by Blog-a-rhythm***