What I want to be when I grow up

dad-and-son-1432772_1920We have never had a discussion about what Vi wants to become when he grows up. Mostly because he’s too small to think of these things, for God’s sake he’s only 4. What clue would he have about growing up and taking a particular profession? But I guess I was wrong as proved today morning on our way to school. Ok so I am getting emotional and my eyes are filling up even as remember that 4-minute talk we had. That’s how long it takes us to reach the school on foot. Out of the blue, he asks me, “Amma do u know what I want to be when I grow up?” I was like, yeah mouth open, completely lost. In my mind I am thinking like do you even know what growing up is. Or what this what I want to be thing refers to. So I put it in words and ask him, what exactly do u mean by growing up. So he goes on to explain, like when I am bigger and finish studying and after that. Somebody hit me on my head. It’s like I have not grown up and he has. Ok so understood that he knows what he means by growing up. Then I think and smile , hehe, he’s going to want to become a bus driver or firefighter or some kind of superhero (Kids usually love them). So I ask him, so what is this something that you want to be when you grow up? He says he wants to do something where he can help people. Ok, my brain is blown. I am just so choked up at this time at this tiny wonder who is speaking to me. He continues. He says he wants to be someone who helps people like a doctor or a police or that person who helps people cross the road. Yeah, I know where that last one came from. Last October, we visited his cousin in the USA, and there you have volunteers who hold up a sign and help you cross the road, mostly on the way to school. The other two are just a surprise package.

So I go ahead and tell him, yes you can be anything that you want. Amma is really happy to hear what you want to be. It makes Amma super happy. So he further emphasises that it’s not for fun that I am saying, I don’t just want to dress up as them, I want to really be that. Now it was serious. I explained to him, yes darling you can really do any of these professions but for that, you have to study hard and play hard and most importantly help people from now itself. If you want to help others, you can start right away. For that, you don’t need to study anything. You just need to be compassionate. And if you want to be one of those people because you believe it gives you a better opportunity to help others then we will support you through it all.

It is at moments like these you feel that there is so much to learn about that tiny that came from your womb. He is not his parents or his surroundings. He has come with his set of thoughts and aims.

Vi, it is normal that as we grow up our desires, aims and goals change with us. I hope that however big you grow, you never change this “What I want to be when I grow up”. This wish to help others, I hope that stays with you. Whatever profession you choose, I believe you will always be a compassionate person who cares about his fellow beings. We really need a lot of people like you in the world, right now.


Soft, Softer and Softest

                         When you become a mom at the age of 30, everyone(actually just me :P)assumes that you know everything you need to know about babies and taking care of them. It didn’t take much time to realize that how much ever your read up, how much ever you research, you can never know everything. So we decided to take the help of the person who knows best, ” Maa”. Yeah, mothers know best! My mother knew what would be best for Vi in the first few days of his life. She gave me the confidence (and lot of good food ;)) to take better care of Vi. After an emergency C-section, I was rather down and she helped build up my health, both physical and mental. Her experience really helped with the small things that are important for a young baby with respect to his food, sleep, massages and skincare.My husband N and I had done a lot of research before the arrival of Vi. So using a mix of modern and traditional methods we paved the way for #SoftestForBabySkin .
Here are a few things we did which I believe helped Vi have a problem-free skin as a baby.
1. Virgin coconut milk made at home was used to massage him before his everyday bath. We used to massage him till he was a year old.
Check out this link for how to make Virgin coconut oil at home.
2.Ayurvedic Soap – We used Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Soap which didn’t dry his skin like other baby soaps. It had (still has :P) a whole lot of oils and also milk, all things that were great for the soft skin of our baby.
3. Powder – NO, we didn’t use powder for Vi, ever! It was a strict no-no, for ouhttps://wordpress.com/post/chroniclesofvi.wordpress.com/195r baby. I didn’t want to whiten Vi in powder nor did I want him smelling like a flower (meaningless reasons well meaning relatives gave me to convince me of the uses of powder)
4. Diapers – I had read and heard from other parents all kinds of horror stories about diapers from horrible diapers rashes to infections. It was with a half mind that I tried diapers for Vihaan and since Pampers was a brand that was most popular and has been since my sister was a baby(way back in 1990 :P). I decided to take the experimental route via Pampers itself. And was I happy to have chosen that. Our relationship started with Pampers New Baby when he was little over a month. We moved on to Pampers Active Baby as he grew into a moving bundle of energy. As his feet gained new grounds, we found a Pampers Dry Pants that helped him be on the move, even while we change 🙂 Another diapers that we used at this time was Mamy Poko Pants, they were also of very good quality.  The GOLDEN RULE while using diapers is the “4-hour rule” i.e. never let a diaper sit on a baby for more than 4 hours when s/he is awake. Apply any kind of oil/cream/lotion each time you change diapers after cleaning with water/wet wipes. Chances of diaper rash are very very less if you follow these 2 rules religiously.
5. Diaper rash cream – In the rare cases of diaper rashes or even slight redness, I used Himalayas Diaper Rash cream which made sure that diaper rash never remained an issue. I would have used that cream a maximum of 5-6 times out of the 2 years that Vi used diapers.
I am truly glad that Vi is out of his diapers, he was clean long before he turned 3. One of the running joke among us parents,is that once the babies are out of their diapers we can start saving again. :):) But I am grateful that in the two years time that we needed to use diapers, we always had Pampers to trust and use. I hear that Pampers has introduced a new product, but I guess we will have to wait to try it until the next member decides to join our family 😉
Watch these cute, happy, active babies in their new soft, softer and softest Pampers Diapers

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Why Are There No Tech Whiz-Kids in India, you ask?

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10 Young Entrepreneurs of the World 

Many of you would have read this post which has been duly doing it’s rounds on the net. And most among you would have noticed that this list has 3 Indian kids, all of whom are settled outside India.

Now questions arise. Why aren’t any of these kids in India? Why isn’t their knowledge being used in India? Why are there so few tech whiz kids in India?

Yet, you must realize one thing. Outside India, it’s Indians who make up the largest chunk of tech wizards. And Indian kids are no further backward in this case, OUTSIDE India. Why not inside India, you ask?

Well, consider a typical middle class family in one of the major metropolitan cities of India, with a kid who studiously goes to school everyday, completes his/her homework and comes first in class. When you take out his time…

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The truth

She came and she saw.

She knew what exactly she was about to find.

The truth was that she had wanted it to be that way.

There was no denying the fact that in her heart she had been wishing for it.

Her 3 year old had finally started sleeping by himself, in his own bed


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Happy birthday My Princess Di

Note to Vi: It’s your Diya chechi’s birthday today so Amma thought why not write a letter to her. You have been excited from the time I told you it’s her birthday and suggested we send presents, send cards etc. Also you have been singing happy birthday to anyone who would care to listen. I hope birthdays always excite you like this, as they do now.

Dear dear Diyakutty,

I still remember the first time I saw you. You were wrapped up in so many layers of white cloth that I told your Amma that you are heavy and she let out a small laugh and removed all the layers of cloth to show me a tiny cutie you. But darling you were so so adorable. It was the moment, I fell in love with you. The moment I felt like this is someone I need to protect and take care of. The moment I knew that we are going to be friends for life. As you grew up, we all cherished your first step, your first word, the funny things that you would say(mostly when sitting on the pot 😂). You were the first grandchild to my parents and my first niece whom I was seeing grow in front of my eyes. We saw you move from baby steps to toddler walking to a confident gait of a child. You have grown so much Diya, and sometimes I feel, time goes by too soon.
Today I want to tell you a few things that I wish someone had told me when I was your age.
1. You are beautiful
People around us can be super insensitive (ask amma what that means, she will tell you☺), they can talk without thinking much and somewhere they might say things that hurt our self image. The way we see ourselves is mostly based on what others say. Especially when it comes to how we look, how we dress etc. So know now that “You are beautiful” no matter what anyone may say at any point of your life. And truly beauty is just what is seen outside. And for that you always have “make-up” 😉 . What you should be really worried about is, if you feel beautiful inside. Your thoughts, your ideals, your dreams are all that matter more.
2. Find your ambition or goal
No child is small to have an ambition. And don’t think that a girl’s place is only at home. She has so much more to do. When I see so many young women change makers, I hope and wish that you will join their league. Many of our ambitions will be laughed at, belittled; but never lose heart. Remember that if you want to do something, you can. Hard work and determination are the only 2 things you need to have with you to succeed.
3.Love your food
I can’t stress the importance of this enough. More than eating lot of food, learn to love what you eat. It will really show up in your health. I was just like you, not too interested to eat. Always finding excuses not to eat. Shoving food down my throat with water. All that I hope you stop right now(in case you are doing it). Now as an adult I know, that until I love food, food will not love me back and give me the strength and energy to live life in a healthy manner. So whatever food you eat, learn to love it. Your Amma is an amazing cook just like mine so you really need to tell your mind that you love the food and it will all work out fine. I hope you will learn enjoy food and not think of it as something to keep you alive 🙂

These are a few things I want to tell you today and hope you will remember for life. Also remember that we all love you a lot. We are extremely happy to have you in our lives. Also if ever you feel lonely, think about your maami who lives half way around the world who was exactly like you when she was young;(Your Achan must have said that a million times alle:D) she’ll be there for you always.
Love you lots diyadu
From Uma mami, Nikku mama and Vi

The delay in gratification

In today’s world, everything is instant. Knowledge, information, happiness, gratification and even food is instant. Children are used to getting most of the things they are ask for instantly. Your son wants a Lego set, you go online and  buy it from one of the many websites and it’s delivered within a few days time. When I was young, if we wanted something it was a long long route. First to muster up the courage to ask my parents for it. Then would come the wait for some special occasion like maybe the birthday when we would have the most probability of getting what we asked for. And lastly scouring the supermarket to find the item. And mind you, my dad would only go to one or maximum two shops and we were expected to find it there or pick up something else.

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Why children are precious

Vi says “I love you” to both me and my husband without inhibitions , without holding back.
On some rare incidents, I ask him why?  Mostly times when I am not expecting to have any feelings of love from him. Like when I have scolded him or said “no” to something he has asked for, I feel it very funny , a little unreal when he says ‘I love you amma’. So I ask him. Till now his default answer had been, “Ariyilla, Verde” meaning ‘I don’t know, just like that.’ It makes me forget my anger and hug him. Yeah it is so easy to calm me down. And he’s very good in conflict resolution.
2 days back, we were playing and suddenly he hugs me tight and says, “Amma, I love you”. I decide to ask him why again (yeah, yeah…why can’t I just shut up and accept that he loves me ;)). His answer was totally out of the blue and shook me up a little. He said, “I was in your tummy na and you took good care of me na, that’s why” I was all choked up. He was saying it as if he remembered being in my tummy and feeling good about being there. This is the reason why I feel children are so precious and without any hidden agendas. Sometimes we are too busy to notice these small  things about them. I hope we can hear more and more precious things from you darling 😚