Why you should travel

Dear Vi,

We are just back from a trip and this trip was, I think, the worst trip for you. We had lots of tears, lots of disappointments and a whole lot of tantrums. Blame it on the age you are at, but I had to say these things to you so that you never lose the interest to travel and are always as excited as you were until last year about getting on an aeroplane and going to see something “amazing” (your words). There are the few things I learned on the few trips we have taken. As a child, unlike you, all my trips were to India to meet family during vacations and then some trips within India to religious places. Most of my exposure to the outside world started very late after my 30s. And in these few years I feel that I have evolved so much as a person and travelling around the world has brought a few changes in me.

Travelling to a foreign country specially one that doesn’t speak your language is a challenge in itself. It makes to realise that you are just a tiny spot in this whole wide world. A hidden opportunity in this is to learn at least two or three words in a another language like the basic hellos,  thank you and bye byes. For example, I can say thank you in 3 different languages(non-indian) and I learned it on our trips.

wp-image-310772441jpeg.jpegTravelling opens up a whole new world to you. The people,  the locality, the food all are experiences that you could never gain if you don’t take on the world. There are so many stories associated with each place that you will believe in the immense capabilites of humans and be in awe of it. Buildings, structures all hold so much of history in them that you will not be able to gain from any textbook.

Another benefit of travelling is the companionship. If you are travelling with family or with friends, the bond you have with them undergoes a sea change with your travels. I have learnt so many things about your Papa on our travels together. Be it in India or now outside. wp-image-1532009639jpeg.jpeg

I hope travelling around the world will help you find yourself and realise the goodness in strangers and also find humility in the greatness and vastness of the world you discover.

4 thoughts on “Why you should travel

  1. It’s been my ardent wish since years now to travel as much as possible, to discover people and places, culture and cuisine…ah, some day…maybe, I will!
    I so agree with all that you have told your little one about learning from travelling to places!

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    • Yes, according to me, each one of us should travel. .within our country and outside too if the opportunity presents itself. Hope and wish that this new year you get the wish fulfilled 🙂


  2. travel opens our mind. It makes us look beyond the barriers. Glad that Vi is getting a chance to travel so early in life 🙂 And it must be a new experience for you too, to travel with a toddler.


    • He used to be just fine with the travelling and flying but now as he grows he’s finding sitting in a hotel room watching cartoons in foreign languages more interesting than walking around and seeing the beauty around. I hope he gets over this phase soon. So that we all can enjoy together. Maybe city trips don’t excite kids as much as open countrysides would.


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