Time to say goodbye

It’s that time of the year again. The school year ends in a few more days. This time, Vi is super excited about school closing since we leave to India immediately. Every day he asks me “Amma, how many more days left?” I am all too happy to indulge him since it is going to be one month away from Papa. We both will miss him a lot (that’s a huge big awful lot 😦 ). So I want Vi to be happy and okay to leave. I think I have managed to accomplish that. Yesterday all of us were talking about the trip and I was telling N, that I would miss him. So, Vi tells me, “Amma, I know you are sad, but don’t worry Papa will come soon. After he finishes work.” I was happy and sad at the same time.

This was the first year of public school for Vi, and I am very satisfied with the teachers, method of teaching and the atmosphere in the school. It has been a year of relaxed learning for Vi. In the French system, they take it very slow. So unlike the kids of his same age, Vi hasn’t started writing or reading. He likes to write and that he does at home. At school, it’s more to do with learning life skills like how to behave in a group, listening to your teachers, and following instructions. Here learning is a more wholesome activity and isn’t based on rote or writing.

This year we decided to make something for his teachers. The two teachers who guided him, helped him discover and taught him so many new concepts. As usual, he was very excited in the beginning to make the gifts. He had made gifts last year too for his kindergarten teachers. He decorated the plate and I wrote the initials of the teachers on each plate. I think it’s turned out well 😉

vi painting

13 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. See! That’s what I like about their education system. Somehow in India, the system believe that book knowledge is important at times over common courtesy or how to behave with people.
    My 4yo, on any given day, has 4-5 pages of writing. And the gifts look lovely!

    Ah, anyway. Happy holidays to you all 🙂


    • 4-5 pages of writing in a day!!!! Are you serious Sid? I am not coming back 😦 Isn’t that too much for a 4yo and also for parents. Since we are responsible to make them finish those pages 😦 So, how do you manage? Does Rishi sit to complete those willingly? Ok, so now I am again starting to stress. Calm calm Uma! It’s okay…Vi can cope with it when it comes 😥
      Thanks! I hope the teachers like them too 🙂


      • Calm calm, Uma. 🙂

        Oh he has his days. We spread it throughout his evening. So about 30mins when he comes home. Then maybe in the evening. Though he is beat usually by that time.

        Nope; some days we have to threaten to withhold something he likes. I feel sad. Somedays I do the rest of his homework. As in its usually repetition; the other day he had to write the letter I, 64 times. Can you imagine ! He wrote 30; the rest I did


      • Why on earth would you want a kid to write “I” 64 times 😠 Good daddy you..I guess we adapt as we go on..I would have never thought of commending a parent doing the kiddos homework but this is insane. I would do the same. Why torture them and take the fun out of learning.
        Vi is also 4 so i xan imagine how hard it might be to make Rishi sit for that time. Tap on back for good job daddy!


    • Yeah, but in the beginning I used to be so stressed thinking that if and when we go to India, Vi would be lagging behind the children of his age group. I was scared thinking that he would not have any confidence. But slowly I realised that his childhood is there for him to enjoy. It doesn’t last too long. And let him enjoy it when he can. I shouldn’t unnecessarily stress him to cope up with his peers. So its calmer Amma and calmer Vi 😉 Thanks and can’t wait to reach home and eat all the yummy treats 😀

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  2. I really admire the education system that allows for such flexibility in learning. India has a long way to go before we can even touch those standards. Those gifts look adorable!


    • Yes, I guess it’s a good thing now since I hear what Sid has to say. 😦 I want Vi to love school as I used to as a kid. I loved going to school 😆 yes, I was one of those odd ones. But I know it’s because of my teachers that I was always excited at the prospect of being there.


  3. Lata Sunil says:

    I loved this approach to education. Forget the early years, our education system has no approach to teaching the children life skills which is so much important.


    • Yes, that’s true. But you know what each teacher can make a difference in his/her own way. True, it would be much easier if it was integrated into the system. But, until then if each educator was to think of students as future citizens then the approach will surely change. Hope it does.

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  4. I have always enjoyed the Western concept of education systems wherein they deviate from the traditional rote method to indulge the child in wholesome learning during the early years. However, as the kids grow, it should be a combination of both Indian and Western methodologies. It’s nice to see lil Vi all geared up and excited for the vacation. It’s so heartwarming to see how our little ones are ecstatic to visit India just like us. 🙂 Great job with the thank you gifts too. They look amazing!


    • Firstly sorry for the late reply 🙂 I too wish Vi could have both the methods for him to have a wholesome education. He had a lovely vacation with cousins and friends. And he was as excited to come back to his school 😀 It surely makes life easier for us parents.


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