Soft, Softer and Softest

                         When you become a mom at the age of 30, everyone(actually just me :P)assumes that you know everything you need to know about babies and taking care of them. It didn’t take much time to realize that how much ever your read up, how much ever you research, you can never know everything. So we decided to take the help of the person who knows best, ” Maa”. Yeah, mothers know best! My mother knew what would be best for Vi in the first few days of his life. She gave me the confidence (and lot of good food ;)) to take better care of Vi. After an emergency C-section, I was rather down and she helped build up my health, both physical and mental. Her experience really helped with the small things that are important for a young baby with respect to his food, sleep, massages and skincare.My husband N and I had done a lot of research before the arrival of Vi. So using a mix of modern and traditional methods we paved the way for #SoftestForBabySkin .
Here are a few things we did which I believe helped Vi have a problem-free skin as a baby.
1. Virgin coconut milk made at home was used to massage him before his everyday bath. We used to massage him till he was a year old.
Check out this link for how to make Virgin coconut oil at home.
2.Ayurvedic Soap – We used Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Soap which didn’t dry his skin like other baby soaps. It had (still has :P) a whole lot of oils and also milk, all things that were great for the soft skin of our baby.
3. Powder – NO, we didn’t use powder for Vi, ever! It was a strict no-no, for ou baby. I didn’t want to whiten Vi in powder nor did I want him smelling like a flower (meaningless reasons well meaning relatives gave me to convince me of the uses of powder)
4. Diapers – I had read and heard from other parents all kinds of horror stories about diapers from horrible diapers rashes to infections. It was with a half mind that I tried diapers for Vihaan and since Pampers was a brand that was most popular and has been since my sister was a baby(way back in 1990 :P). I decided to take the experimental route via Pampers itself. And was I happy to have chosen that. Our relationship started with Pampers New Baby when he was little over a month. We moved on to Pampers Active Baby as he grew into a moving bundle of energy. As his feet gained new grounds, we found a Pampers Dry Pants that helped him be on the move, even while we change 🙂 Another diapers that we used at this time was Mamy Poko Pants, they were also of very good quality.  The GOLDEN RULE while using diapers is the “4-hour rule” i.e. never let a diaper sit on a baby for more than 4 hours when s/he is awake. Apply any kind of oil/cream/lotion each time you change diapers after cleaning with water/wet wipes. Chances of diaper rash are very very less if you follow these 2 rules religiously.
5. Diaper rash cream – In the rare cases of diaper rashes or even slight redness, I used Himalayas Diaper Rash cream which made sure that diaper rash never remained an issue. I would have used that cream a maximum of 5-6 times out of the 2 years that Vi used diapers.
I am truly glad that Vi is out of his diapers, he was clean long before he turned 3. One of the running joke among us parents,is that once the babies are out of their diapers we can start saving again. :):) But I am grateful that in the two years time that we needed to use diapers, we always had Pampers to trust and use. I hear that Pampers has introduced a new product, but I guess we will have to wait to try it until the next member decides to join our family 😉
Watch these cute, happy, active babies in their new soft, softer and softest Pampers Diapers

“This post is a part of the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity at BlogAdda” 

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