Why Are There No Tech Whiz-Kids in India, you ask?

The Ramblings of Don

10 Young Entrepreneurs of the World 

Many of you would have read this post which has been duly doing it’s rounds on the net. And most among you would have noticed that this list has 3 Indian kids, all of whom are settled outside India.

Now questions arise. Why aren’t any of these kids in India? Why isn’t their knowledge being used in India? Why are there so few tech whiz kids in India?

Yet, you must realize one thing. Outside India, it’s Indians who make up the largest chunk of tech wizards. And Indian kids are no further backward in this case, OUTSIDE India. Why not inside India, you ask?

Well, consider a typical middle class family in one of the major metropolitan cities of India, with a kid who studiously goes to school everyday, completes his/her homework and comes first in class. When you take out his time…

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