Happy birthday My Princess Di

Note to Vi: It’s your Diya chechi’s birthday today so Amma thought why not write a letter to her. You have been excited from the time I told you it’s her birthday and suggested we send presents, send cards etc. Also you have been singing happy birthday to anyone who would care to listen. I hope birthdays always excite you like this, as they do now.

Dear dear Diyakutty,

I still remember the first time I saw you. You were wrapped up in so many layers of white cloth that I told your Amma that you are heavy and she let out a small laugh and removed all the layers of cloth to show me a tiny cutie you. But darling you were so so adorable. It was the moment, I fell in love with you. The moment I felt like this is someone I need to protect and take care of. The moment I knew that we are going to be friends for life. As you grew up, we all cherished your first step, your first word, the funny things that you would say(mostly when sitting on the pot 😂). You were the first grandchild to my parents and my first niece whom I was seeing grow in front of my eyes. We saw you move from baby steps to toddler walking to a confident gait of a child. You have grown so much Diya, and sometimes I feel, time goes by too soon.
Today I want to tell you a few things that I wish someone had told me when I was your age.
1. You are beautiful
People around us can be super insensitive (ask amma what that means, she will tell you☺), they can talk without thinking much and somewhere they might say things that hurt our self image. The way we see ourselves is mostly based on what others say. Especially when it comes to how we look, how we dress etc. So know now that “You are beautiful” no matter what anyone may say at any point of your life. And truly beauty is just what is seen outside. And for that you always have “make-up” 😉 . What you should be really worried about is, if you feel beautiful inside. Your thoughts, your ideals, your dreams are all that matter more.
2. Find your ambition or goal
No child is small to have an ambition. And don’t think that a girl’s place is only at home. She has so much more to do. When I see so many young women change makers, I hope and wish that you will join their league. Many of our ambitions will be laughed at, belittled; but never lose heart. Remember that if you want to do something, you can. Hard work and determination are the only 2 things you need to have with you to succeed.
3.Love your food
I can’t stress the importance of this enough. More than eating lot of food, learn to love what you eat. It will really show up in your health. I was just like you, not too interested to eat. Always finding excuses not to eat. Shoving food down my throat with water. All that I hope you stop right now(in case you are doing it). Now as an adult I know, that until I love food, food will not love me back and give me the strength and energy to live life in a healthy manner. So whatever food you eat, learn to love it. Your Amma is an amazing cook just like mine so you really need to tell your mind that you love the food and it will all work out fine. I hope you will learn enjoy food and not think of it as something to keep you alive 🙂

These are a few things I want to tell you today and hope you will remember for life. Also remember that we all love you a lot. We are extremely happy to have you in our lives. Also if ever you feel lonely, think about your maami who lives half way around the world who was exactly like you when she was young;(Your Achan must have said that a million times alle:D) she’ll be there for you always.
Love you lots diyadu
From Uma mami, Nikku mama and Vi

One thought on “Happy birthday My Princess Di

  1. This is one of the most heartfelt letters to a niece that I have ever read Uma and you have chronicled it so well. It’s the things that really matter- inner beauty, good health and a firm ambition. We all need these things to be happy in life. So glad that these things are being instilled from the word ‘Go’. Happy birthday to your niece ❤


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