Why children are precious

Vi says “I love you” to both me and my husband without inhibitions , without holding back.
On some rare incidents, I ask him why?  Mostly times when I am not expecting to have any feelings of love from him. Like when I have scolded him or said “no” to something he has asked for, I feel it very funny , a little unreal when he says ‘I love you amma’. So I ask him. Till now his default answer had been, “Ariyilla, Verde” meaning ‘I don’t know, just like that.’ It makes me forget my anger and hug him. Yeah it is so easy to calm me down. And he’s very good in conflict resolution.
2 days back, we were playing and suddenly he hugs me tight and says, “Amma, I love you”. I decide to ask him why again (yeah, yeah…why can’t I just shut up and accept that he loves me ;)). His answer was totally out of the blue and shook me up a little. He said, “I was in your tummy na and you took good care of me na, that’s why” I was all choked up. He was saying it as if he remembered being in my tummy and feeling good about being there. This is the reason why I feel children are so precious and without any hidden agendas. Sometimes we are too busy to notice these small  things about them. I hope we can hear more and more precious things from you darling 😚


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