Bucket List: In the 3rd year of life

“Amma, I want to go there”

“Mamma, I want to do that”

“Maa, I want to ride that” Hi Vi, No, you are not talking about going to the park; you are talking about going to see The Colosseum in Rome. 7007594-roman-colosseum No, you are not talking about wanting to play on the swing; you are talking about Skydiving (yeah jumping out of an aeroplane) httpwww.timetotalkliam.co.ukcoming-soon-stewart-whittaker-is-will-be-jumping-out-of-a-plane-in-2012 No, you are not talking about riding your cycle or trottinette; you are talking about riding a Real Bulldozer and Tractor (Heavy duty machinery). httpcupegraf.com310097-bulldozer.html So, although you are just 3 years old, you already have a long list of things that you want to do.

Google defines a Bucket List as “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.“I guess you are creating your bucket list starting at the age of 3. What I plan to do is keep updating this bucket list of yours as and when you tell me. There are already a long list of places you want to see and things you want to do. As and when you tell me new ones I will keep adding to this post and when finally I decide to show you this blog, you can see what all you have on your bucket list and if you really want to do them or not 🙂 Firstly, places that you have told me that you want to visit. Since you are just 3, you don’t actually name the places, it’s more like from videos and pictures that you see that you tell me that you want to visit this place 1. Greece: It all started from this. I love Greece and have this huge desire to visit this place. Once an advertisement was playing on Youtube by  Greece Tourism (http://www.visitgreece.gr/), and I said, “Wow, its so beautiful.I want to see this place, I would love to go there” and you continued saying that you want to come too and we should take Pappa along too. Pappa and myself had a good laugh and said, “Yes,yes, All of us should go”.

2. Turkey: This is also thanks to Youtube. This amazing series created by the Tourism department of Turkey will attract even a 3 year old 😉 . Check out their Website @ https://goturkey.com/ Watch the video below and see what I mean

3. We were at Darty and you pulls me excitedly towards the Led TV sections and I was amazed by the latest technology by Samsung TVs, But you were not interested in the TV, rather you were in awe of The Colosseum, that they were showing on the TV. You looked up in all earnestness and said, “I want to go there Amma”. “Yes”, said I (What else do I say, I am really happy that you can already appreciate things of beauty)

4. This is a long time wish, that is to visit your Diya chechi. That’s not for seeing the place but for seeing the person. You have been asking to go meet her since over a year. Hopefully some time soon we will be able to visit her. The difficulty in going is that, she doesn’t live close by, but on the other side of the globe in US 😦

5. Another perpertual wish is to go to India, to visit your grandparents, see Roonie(my parent’s dog), kokokoos (the chickens my mil has at home), tanya chechi, tambi chechi, mamma, meme, the list is endless. Now that a new member has come, (Dhruv’s baby brother), you are all the more eager to visit India.

6, We recently made a 3D puzzle of the Leaning Tower of Piza and your next wish is to visit the Top floor of the Tower. (Yeah, not to just see it, you want to go inside and go upto the topmost floor) I seriously don’t know where you get all these ideas from.

7. And since the time we went to the Eiffel Tower, you have always wished to go back there. I think that’s the first monument you recognise. Me and N were joking that we didn’t even know of the Eiffel Tower until we were maybe 16 or 18 and you are just 3 and you have already been to the Top of The Eiffel Tower or like the French call it, ‘La Tour Eiffel’.

Moving on to the things you want to do.

1. You want to jump out of an aeroplane.

2. You want to fly in a hot air balloon.

3. You want to ride some of the scariest roller coasters (sorry baby, I won’t be able to join you, please call pappa :P)

4. You want to learn swimming. (one of the few wishes that we can help you accomplish 😉 )

5. You want to do skateboarding.

6. Oh, I almost forgot, You want to fly like the birds 🙂 As of now I have reasoned with you that since we can’t really fly like birds, we use aeroplanes. So in effect we are flying in aeroplanes. Now, going in an aeroplane is like the wish to go to India, it’s always persistent. As of now I can remember only these many wishes. I will keep updating as you keep telling me ypur wishes. Some I may have forgotten so please excuse me 😛 I will put it down the next time you tell me or when I remember. That’s all for now. Muah! Love you, Amma

UPDATE : Snowboarding is a new one that N told me recently is the latest addition to the list.

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