Jurassic World – Review

Okay, first things first. This review is by my 3 year with whom we went to see Jurassic World yesterday. So in case you were expecting something real serious, maybe you should just go to one of those real fancy review sites and read up. Or maybe you could also stick around to read what a 3 year old’s review of the movie is. So, today morning, when he was speaking to grandfather,  he said that he went to see Dinosaurs and then starts the review since grandpa asked him how it was.

Here goes,  “Review of Jurassic World – from the mouth of a 3 year old.”

There were many dinosaurs. They were all running. Then people were all running. Then one bad dinosaur eating people. Then big dinosaur eating another big dinosaur. Finish!


Yeah that’s it. Short and simple. That’s what he understood from the film and he saw the whole movie without flinching his eyes. I would tell him from time to time,
“Vi, if you are feeling scared, you can close your eyes.”
“Vi,  if you want you can sleep”(It was way past his bedtime) But no, the reply would always be,
“Amma, I see dinosaur. No pedi(not scared)..no sleep”
I was scared if he would get nightmares after seeing dinosaurs eating up humans but yeah, it was not too garish thankfully, so maybe that’s why he was not too scared.
His mema (my sister), asked him if he didn’t get scared seeing the dinosaurs and the answer he gave her made both of us chuckle. He said, “No no meme, the dinosaur was in TV, it’s not real” 😄
He would thinking, “Foolish girls, don’t even know that!”
At the theatre, we had a fun time but the people around us not so much because Vi had so many doubts as to why the 3 boys are going in the ball? Do they know simming (swimming)? Why is the dinosaur angry? What did the aunty and uncle say to each other in the end? Phew! I sure got tired but somehow I enjoyed watching the movie with him. Sharing the excitement, sitting cooped up for over an hour and half in the same place, answering his doubts, hushing him when he speaks too loudly in excitement. It was fun.

Note to Vi: This is the first film we are watching in France. The last time we went to watch they didn’t allow you inside saying that you are too little to sit in a theatre. It seems that in France they don’t allow children below 3 years in the theatre. So we had to return from the theatre all disappointed and you were the most upset. The movie that we missed was “Happy New Year”. Luckily everyone who saw the movie said that we were lucky not to see it ;). Anyways when you grow up and read this post maybe you want to revisit both these movies. Watch them and write me a review.
Love u Kunjoose

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