The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


This is a post that’s going to start with a sorry….A BIG HUGE SORRY and then a thank you and that will also be A BIG HUGE THANK YOU. Both are due, from quite some time to dear dear Vineetha who blogs at REFLECTIONS. It was really very kind of you to give me this award, Vineetha. This is very special to me since this is the first award that I am receiving here in the blogging world. So you may think then why this delay in accepting it and posting a blog post about it. So here’s my story. I had written a post on my phone and was ready to publish it when I realised that I didn’t have the picture of the award. And one of the main rules of the accepting the award was that I had to display the award on my blog. Since we are talking about the rules, let’s see the rest of it.

The rules are:

・The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on her/his blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.

・The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

・Write three things that inspired you the most this week.

Done with the first rule.

Now the rest of the story. So since I didn’t have a picture on the phone and couldn’t download it due to some weird technical issue, I switched on my poor-about-to-die-soon laptop to download the picture and then add it to the post. Finally got hold of the image and logged into WordPress. And what do I see when I login on my desktop version of WordPress, VOILA! No drafts!!!. I must have atleast 20 drafts on my phone version of WordPress but none of them get displayed on my desktop version of WordPress. Ta-da..New learning new learning (Uma, be positive!!) I was so angry and fed up by this time that I just attached the image to a new post and thought I will do it later. After a few days, again I remembered that I needed to publish this (It was almost a month or 2 , me thinks). I copied actually…I cut and pasted the draft from my phone to an email , so that I could send it to myself and then copy it from there to the blog. By some magic, instead of saving the draft, I deleted it.(Wah!! What a daft one, I am). And since, I had cut and pasted (something I almost never do), I didn’t have it anywhere. So I thought this is not meant to be. Like Sreenivasan(a malayalam actor) says, “Ellathinum adindethaaya samayam unde Dasaa” which roughly translates to, “Everything has a time, things will happen only when it is meant to happen, Dasaa”. That was more than roughly translated 😛 I felt it was not the right time. Hence this delay of over 3 or 4 months 😦

Now to nominate 15 bloggers who I admire. Ok so most of the people that I follow are veterans and maybe a few newbies like me in this field, I guess. And most of them would have already got the award earlier. They inspire me a lot to write, to explore, to know new things and keep experimenting.

So here goes:

  1. Shylajav @
  2. Kiran Manral @
  3. Zee @
  4. Sangeetha @
  5. Aruna @

Ok so I am a horrible person who can’t think of 15 bloggers, I thought I could manage 10 but sadly I managed only 5??? 5 is not enough I say!! Let me find some more who inspire me, its just that I don’t keep track of what and whom I read 😦 I do read a lot , you know 😦 😦 I just remember the name of the bloggers but not even their full name , so not able to find their blogs by searching on google. I am really doing something wrong here. Ok, I am going to try for some more time and hopefully, this time I would be successful 🙂

  1. Rashmi @
  2. Gayathri @
  3. Moya @
  4. Uma @
  5. Laurel Regan @
  6. Geetha @

Yippee!  I have 11 and these are blogs I read and find very inspiring for various reasons. I think each of them is different from the other. Please do have a look at them if you have not already.

The three things that inspired me this week.

Hmm…This week was a really difficult one. It was one of those weeks when I was in a foul mood with no reason whatsoever. Everything was well and good but I was just down in the dumps and tensed and jumpy about everything. I felt a strange fear of loss. Loss of a loved one, how I would handle it, how I will live through it and all. And then on Tuesday, my son had a bad bad fall. I was worried sick, I felt this was that impending worry in my mind. I hoped and prayed that he would be fine. The next day, we went to the doctor and luckily the doctor did a neurological exam and  said everything was normal. It was a great relief for me and then I realised that I was too caught up in all the “what ifs” and “might bes” of the future that I forgot to take care of the present.

That incident inspired me to leave the worries of the future and start living in the present again.

Another incident that inspired me was my 2.5 year old student to whom I teach English. She’s a darling but I have always felt that she doesn’t like me too much. The want to be liked and accepted doesn’t stop at even the little ones. (Phew!Human me!!) This Thursday, when I went to drop my son at school, I saw her and she came running to me, calling my name,”Uma, uma” and blew me kisses. I felt so happy and then realised that at the end of the day the way you behave will always bring results. You cannot always strive to be a people pleaser. If you behave genuinely, at least you will be happy. People will like you the way you are, and those are the people who matter most.

Faith in humans is something that gets reinforced in my heart time to time. Me and a friend of mine needed some advice about a future endeavour and we were not sure whom to ask and how to go and about it. Sometimes when we approach people they are not so forthcoming. But we saw a huge difference from one of the owners of Schools of Equality. She was so friendly and ready to help. I hope the Lord blesses her more and helps her to continue all the work that she is doing.  She was truly an inspiration for both me and my friend.

So that’s about it. Finally I have accepted the award and completed the rules!

*Cheers* to me!

One thought on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Oh man that cut-copy-paste incident must be so frustrating, I feel you since the same thing happened to me too ! But I’m glad in the end you were able to get it all together and wrote this wonderful post for us all to read! ❤

    Thank you so much for the nomination, I really appreciate you remembering me for this Uma. I loved the 3 lovely experiences you shared, very thought-provoking !

    Hope your Monday goes spectacularly well ! ❤


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