Happy birthday Vi!! Today you turn 3!

Dear Vi,
Today was your 3rd happy birthday. It’s heartening to see the changes after you came into our lives three years ago. I have changed a lot and now I feel your Pappa has also started to change(in a good way ;)). As you sleep next to me, I am dead beat tired but can’t end this day without writing this letter to you. I am so lucky to have you in my life Vi, and maybe as you grow up, I may not say it so often but, “You are very special to us”. We truly believe that you are a ‘Gift from God’. I am hoping that you won’t grow up thinking and believing this practically..he he he…that would make you kind of narcissistic.

That’s only for Amma and Pappa to believe.
Okay so today I want to talk to about something I feel is really important for all human beings. Be it a girl or a boy, rich or poor, famous or obscure; all need to have this ability to be happy or rather grateful for what they have. Maybe you are too little to understand what amma means by this. But I try to make you understand in various situations by telling you how lucky you are to get something done your way, or the way you like it. On some days, like for example today, everything is done to your liking, from the morning, all things were done such that you are happy. Like from the fact that you wanted to brush you teeth alone, and then not wanting to take a bath, and then your favourite puri for breakfast, gifts, surprises so on and so forth. This is a time when I expect you to be really happy. In the evening, when we were waiting for the bus, you didn’t get one thing that you asked for and you decided to be grumpy. I was a little disappointed and told you so too. I pointed out to you all the things from morning to evening that had happened to your liking and wish, and you should be happy and grateful. Instead of that you were standing there being grumpy just for one small thing that didn’t go your way. I think although you must not have fully understood it, you decided to focus your attention on something else and started playing again.

This phasing out of grumpiness is something that most adults should also learn to do. We should really try to change that. I mean when there is so much to be happy about, why let a small thing ruin it all and be sad just about that small little thing or incident. Yes, it’s ok to be momentarily disappointed but to prolong it for a long time is just not good for you or your health. I think this happens because we forget to be grateful for the wonderful things that the world has given to us.

There was a phase in amma’s life when I used to not feel grateful at all. And that period was a real sad one for me. It was like nothing was good enough. Material things had taken over and they had become my measures of happiness. I experienced what many people around the world must have experienced or are experiencing. The phenomenon of “not being grateful” which directly equates to “not being happy”. Luckily I snapped out of it soon enough thanks to you who showed me happiness in the little new flower that has just bloomed on the side of the road. The joy of seeing 3 aeroplanes in a row flying in the sky on our way back from school. I wish you always have this ability to find happiness in small things and as you grow up you know how to be grateful for everything and everyone you have in your life.

Happy birthday my dear darling!
Love Amma


Happy birthday Vi

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