What boys/men should know about respecting women

What exactly do  you mean by “respecting women”? Does it mean opening doors for us, pulling out chairs for us to sit in? Yes, these are acts of chivalry which will earn you brownie points with most women, but is this what respect means? No. Respect is something that starts in your thoughts, reflects in your words and translates into action. If a man who leches at women on the bus-stop, starts opening doors for the women in his family, does he really respect women? 

So before we teach our kids to hold the door open and pull out chairs, here’s what we need to teach them so they respect a woman in their minds.

Read the full article that appears in yowoto.com here


2 thoughts on “What boys/men should know about respecting women

  1. Hey!!!
    Thanks for stumbling by my blog, because that gave me an opportunity to read yours!!

    There are some things every mom wants to teach her son…you convey it beautifully in your blog, have read only a few, will read more gradually.

    I especially love this one and the one where you say its okay for boys to cry…
    Really touched my heart..I hope to read more.. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! That was very kind of you 🙂
      Yeah…I guess all parents have a few things that they want their children to understand. At the end of the day, they are truly a product of us..parents. I always feel like children are like mirrors. They show you what good/bad you do. I have learnt a lot from my Vi and I hope he will learn a few things from me too 🙂
      Thanks again and keep reading and writing!
      You just motivated me to write more :*


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