“I’m Teaching My Son That Boys DO Cry”

I am raising a sensitive child. A child who is aware of his feelings and is able to put words to those feeling. There are the main 3 emotions he’s able to identify right now. They are happiness, sadness and anger. Most of the time, when he cries, I tell him that you can cry if you are sad or angry. It’s okay to cry. And most often than not, he stops crying after thinking for a minute. And diverts his energy, instead, towards telling me what he’s feeling. Sometimes the tears are a ploy—he wants something and past experience tells him that there is a great chance that someone in the family will melt at the sight of his tears and give him what he wants; but equally often, he cries because something has upset or angered him. 

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2 thoughts on ““I’m Teaching My Son That Boys DO Cry”

    • Hey Vinitha, Thanks a lot for considering me for this award. This is my first 🙂 I accept this award with utmost humility. It is inspiring to know that my blog is considered, “inspiring” 🙂


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