À deux ans et demi

Many mothers share horrible experiences about the terrible two’s. But so far, I have mostly experienced only the terrifics of your second year. Maybe you have kept the worst for the remaining of the 6 months. 😉 If that’s the case, I will have to write about that too when it happens.

There are so many things that I love about you and here are a few of those adorable things that you say and do.

1.When we have an argument and we don’t talk for sometime, you come up to me and say, “Sorry amma, Vian no do again.” And then I would reply, “It’s ok.” The next dialogue from you is, “Amma, say sorry” Hehehe… it makes me laugh so much and without any thought I apologise. It makes both of us happy.

2. When you get something unexpectedly, the happiness on your face accompanied by, ” Vian happy Amma”, ” Thanku Amma” and hugs and kisses. You are surely an expressive child.

3. The way you return my kisses and l love you’s in the same way that I tell you. Like if I say “Love you vihaan”, you will say “Love you amma”. And I love hearing that.

4. These days most of our conversations go like this:
Me: Vi, come lets brush your teeth.
Vi: Nooooo..Amma!
Me: Ok, then I am going to brush my teeth.
Vi: Noooo..Brush my teeth! I am coming.

Similarly when I call you to have breakfast.
Me:Come for breakfast Vi.
Me:Ok then I am going to have.
Vi:Noooo..Amma..I am hungry, gimme!

The only time this doesn’t work is when I call you to sleep. You tell me, “Ok Amma sleep” :p
I guess you know that I won’t go to sleep while you are awake. Not yet at least!

5. The way you tell your pappa about the daily incidents. You tell him about the small disagreements that you and me may have had and then probe him ,”Ask amma!” The tone is neither accusing or angry. It’s more like check with Amma about it. Makes me smile.

6. Sometimes when you are not feeling well or when you get hurt. I come all worried and ask you what happened or if it’s hurting. You become all mature and tell me, ” onnuilla” – meaning it’s nothing. If I probe further, you hold my face, look into my eyes and say, “Vian ok amma”. If you were a girl, I would have called you a ‘Drama queen’ , but since you are my little boy, I will call you, ‘My Drama Prince’.

7. When you feel sad about about something, you come over to me and say, “Vian sad amma”. Sometimes I ask you why you are sad, sometimes I tell you it’s okay and most of the times I give you a hug. And if anytime I don’t hug you, you say, ” Vian haag amma” 🙂 I love it  that you ask for a hug when you need one.

8. Suddenly out of the blue, you become characters  of the stories that your Pappa or I have read to you. And then we have to be the other characters. From there on, it’s play acting session. Sometimes the lion and the mouse or the monkey and the crocodile or the monkey and the cap seller. The list is endless. As are your stories.

9. After coming back from playschool, you talk to me in french and when you see that puzzled look on my face, you quickly translate it into English or malayalam.

10. By the way, I did not intend to make a 10 pointer list. These are the things you do and say. The love, the hugs, the kisses, the ‘I love you’s ‘ – All are precious to me now and forever.


6 thoughts on “À deux ans et demi

      • The title says , “At two and half years” in french 🙂 wherever we go when people ask me how old he is, this is the answer I give. So when I was writing about this terrific two, I felt it would make an apt title 😉 donno if it worked :p. It’s actually amazing to see how he has grown from a ga ga baby to a fully qualified drama prince..hehehe!


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