The time capsule

How I wish I could stop time and lock it  in the present state. With your innocence intact, with all your energy and enthusiasm, with all the unconditional and uninhibited love. I am thoroughly enjoying this phase of yours when you are learning to be independent. You know how to express your emotions, put them into words. Say things like, “Amma vian happy”, “vian sad” and yes you even say, “vian deshyam”(angry). It just goes to show that you are growing and there’s no going back into those baby phases of first smile, first tooth, first step, first word and all those amazing firsts.


Sometimes I wish my eyes would double up as a video camera too so that I could record all these moments with you. Recently I was going through a blog, and read about the time capsule.
It sounded like so much fun. It’s something like recording the moment. I was thinking what all I could keep as memoirs for you. What would the major things that I would have to reminisce these fun times with you.

First one in the list for the time capsule is this blog. I am writing this blog so that both you and me can remember how you were, what were your likes and dislikes, and the changes that happen through the years as you grow up. The good and bad of our daily lives. The fun times and maybe the
not-so-fun times too. This will double up as a journal for all the fun activities we did together. The places we visited. The people we met. The friends we made. I want to keep these memories alive for you. So that one day when you are all grown up, when you need a boost in life, you can come here and read about all the funny things that you did. All the love that we shared and the wonderful time that we all spent together.

Second thing I would include in the time capsule would be the pregnancy diary that I kept from the time I conceived you. It has all the fun, happy and few angry moments before your arrival. I wanted to continue writing even after you were born for the first few months but according to our customs it’s not allowed. You might find it funny when you hear it, but after having you, Amma was not allowed to read, write, watch TV or do any kind of work for about a month. That’s a story for another day.

Next would be photos. To tell you the truth, we don’t have any photos (that we have taken) printed till date. We have to take prints and create an album for each year. The photos are all saved on a hard disc but nothing in print :). I will surely do that soon. Selecting special moments will be so hard since every day had something special. Hopefully I would have those 3 albums done before your 3rd birthday.


While I was looking for ideas for creating the time capsule, I came across this . They have created a time capsule for their daughter’s first birthday. I think that’s an awesome idea. Since we haven’t celebrated your first and second birthday,  I think I can use this idea for your 3rd birthday. Amma and Pappa are really looking forward to celebrating this one since now you are big enough to enjoy the birthdays and you get really happy when we mention happy birthday. We can have all the people who come for your birthday write a note about you, themselves or even the weather on that particular day, just about anything. Some items of decorations like ribbons, balloons, party cap, or unused theme plates (hopefully; )). And pictures of course. All put in a box and sealed. The memories of a special day.

Another thing Amma is collating is the art and craft stuff we have been doing since you were about a year old. It’s really funny to see how your scribbling has evolved through this year. Nowadays you are able to colour using water colours pretty much within the borders. Yes, I am impressed. I am aware that kids your age may all be able to do it. But for me, when you do it, it’s special. I think it’s the case with all mothers 😉 Like the old saying in malayalam, “Kaakakyum than kunju, pon kunju” which literally means that- Even for the crow, it own child is golden.


Then recently in one of the moms group on Facebook, I saw this quilt that is made from the baby’s clothes.  I found that very interesting. But the hitch is that I don’t have any of your baby clothes. We gave it all to an orphanage on your first birthday. I think we might have some at both your grandparent’s homes. So this time when we go to India for holidays, I will try to collate any of the remaining baby clothes and make a small quilt. Or maybe we can use your shirts that don’t fit you anymore. But I feel it would make much more sense to give your clothes to someone who really needs it. Hmm…now that’s a conundrum, that will have to be settled on another day. I will tell you what I decided to do later on. And hopefully post the pictures once it’s done :p


The last thing that comes to my mind when I think about the time capsule is recording yoir voice. Your voice has surely undergone a lot of changes and will undergo more in the coming years. But it’s not just the voice, it’s the things you have to say and the accents you pick up as the years go by. From the ga ga goo goo to amma (actually you said pappa before you said amma :)) and then to names of all the food stuff that you like(yes, that’s all that you would say in the beginning of the second year) to now almost a full fledged vocabulary with nouns, verbs and sometimes adverbs and adjectives too. At present, when you speak it’s a mix of Malayalam, English and French. And it’s entertainment for me. Just yesterday you were pointing to a pig and telling one of pappa’s friend “pig vaalu (vaalu meaning tail in malayalam) and he had no clue as to what you were saying..hehehe. It was hilarious to see his expression and your consistent repetitions until I intervened and did the translation.

That’s about all that I would like to preserve in the time capsule, at the moment. Its kind of a ‘work in progress’ thing so I guess as you grow, the things that I want to put in may also change. Eventually we will open it on your 25th birthday. Already excited and looking forward to that.

Love you Vi,

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