Back to School

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

In response to the daily prompt.

Dear Vi,

As a kid, Amma used to love going to school. I would be so bored by the end of the holidays that I would be waiting for school to reopen. I would have completed all the projects to be submitted on school opening, before the end of the 2nd week of the holidays. And then once we get the new books for the next year, I would start reading the English textbooks since it would mostly have stories and essays and things like that. Sometimes I would try reading the Hindi texts too.(Yes, I realise now, that I was kind of a nerd but never knew it then :P) Books of ither subjects like Science or Maths would not be opened or discovered because Amma used to liked to listen and learn.

The thing was that we used to live in Muscat, we i.e. amma, maaman(uncle), mema (aunt), ammamma (grandma) and ammachan (grandpa). And the extended family was in India. So when holidays started if we were not going to visit our grandparents it was a big bore. Because all our friends and neighbours would have gone to India or somewhere else for their vacations. So I would just want school to start so that I can go back to being busy. Even if we went to India, I was always excited about going back to school. I would look forward to meeting my best friends, getting to know if we were all in the same class, finding out who the new teachers are, making new friends and so on. For me it was always exciting. And once, when I was not able to attend school on the first day(actually first four days) due to viral fever, I was very sad. That whole year was bad for me and I always felt that it was because I couldn’t go on the first day 🙂

Cut to now, present day, it is again that time of the year when schools reopens and I am as excited as I was back then in my school days. This time, I am excited for you, Vi. You will start going to the Jardin d’enfants (Kindergarden) from the 2nd of September. The last year, you had gone to a Halte Garderie (a kind of creche) and the first few days were not good at all. In fact all days when we came to drop you, you would cry asking me or pappa to sit with you. It would break my heart to see that. But I had to go since I had French classes to attend. One day, I even told your Pappa that I am not going to the classes anymore because I couldn’t see you crying. But then he reasoned with me and finally I went ahead with the classes. Another day Pappa stayed at home with you since you were crying so much and we both didn’t have the heart to send you. But once you go there in a matter of less than 5 minutes, you are fine. Like you stop crying, start playing with the other children and get busy in whatever activity is being done at that moment. So it was only during the seperation that there was a difficulty. The caretaker who used to take care of you was Mme Alvira. She was a very kind person. I was very happy to see the way she interacted with you. I hope you have only good memories of this place.

Now you are going to start in another place in Antibes from September 2nd. And from past two weeks, you have been telling amma and pappa that you want to play with children, that you will not cry when you go to school, and that amma and pappa can drop him in school and pick him up after sometime. It was such a huge relief to hear that. I hope you stick to your word when we go on Tuesday 😉 I would like you to love school as much as amma did. Have lots of friends, make lot of mischief but never be a misbehaved child.

Also, once you start school, amma wants to try her hand at various things. I want to restart the diya painting, I want to learn more about candle paintings, do more baking and learn many more new things. So, as always, looking forward to the start of school.

20140724_155557-MOTIONThis picture or rather series of pictures was taken on the last day in the Halte Garderie 😀


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