And after 10 years

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

The next one for the daily prompt

This post is not exactly an answer to the prompt, it is more like what came to my mind when I think what will be the situation after 10 years.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think 10 years down the line is how you would be. Will you have a sister or brother to play with, to take care of, to fight with? Will you be an independent child or one who still wants his mom around all the time. I guess the former will be the case since you would be 12 years old. As of now its impossible for me to imagine you as a 12 year old, since for me you will always be my little boy. I hope as the years go by, I will also be able to let go slowly and steadily. I feel I am the clingy one rather than the other way round. But I assume all that will change.

Hopefully I would have taken up a part time job by then or start something of my own which I enjoy doing. Or maybe study a librarian course and be able to work in a library. Thats one of amma’s dreams. To own and work in a library. With lots of books, which will be lended out free of cost. It will be a kind of an open library where people can donate books too. I would have some sections in the library dedicated to children where they can come and read books, research about things they find interesting online or even just come and play games with new friends. Snacks may be provided too at a later stage of the development of the library. It would be more like a community library. Where the library runs with the support of the people in the community. There would be small sessions for personality development, awareness programmes, sessions that promote innovative thinking and so forth.

So if I lose 10 years of my life overnight, I guess I will just have to do these things quickly, thats all. It wouldnt change any life plan of mine since I have no plans for life. I live life as it comes everyday. No big dreams or desires or things to complete before I reach a particular age or stage. There are, of course, lot of things I wish to do before I die so as long as I dont die like 2 days after skipping those 10 years, I am pretty much ok. I would like to document your growth so maybe thats what I would miss out on, if I lost 10 years in a night.

Actually now it makes me not want to sleep 😦




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