Letter to Vi – August 2014

Dear Vi,

There are a lot of things that amma would love to tell you and teach you. One of the most important one of them is, to respect women. Respect the women in your life, respect the women you that you know and you don’t know too. When I say respect, I don’t mean that you bend over backwards for women. I want you to show respect in your words and deeds. Show respect in your looks. Show respects in your attitude. Understand and believe that women and men are equal. There should be no discrimination between the two. Anything that can be done by a woman can be done by you and vice versa. No job, no activity, nothing is “only for boys” or “only for girls”. Believe that.
Another thing that you need to know is that when a girl says “No” she means it. Don’t judge a girl by her attire. Don’t pass vile comments on her. Be that boy who stands up for women and is willing to protect women, come what may. Just remember that, maybe that woman could as well be your mother, your sister(if you have one:)) or your friend. Please don’t be a mute spectator if you see anything disrespectful happening to any woman. You can make a difference and I know you will. In today’s world, where 6 year old girls and 60 year old women are getting raped, amma is just scared. The anger in me is just dying day by day. I have almost no outrage left in me.I don’t know how to react anymore.

I am more scared that you are a boy and maybe capable of these things. It scares me to a great extent when I think that these boys or men, RAPISTS, are sons of a mother. A mother who would have never thought that her son would do such hideous acts. A mother who lived in the false reality that her son is the best (like all mothers).

I don’t want to be that mother so I will teach you to respect women, love women and see them as your equals and not items or objects. Dear Vi, just remember your amma is a woman too.

Hugs and kisses!
Love amma


A picture of a fun day we had together 🙂

2 thoughts on “Letter to Vi – August 2014

  1. I fear the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see these horrible things in the news, it scares me! I have even begun to write to my Dhruv (my 2 year old) about this, but just couldn’t sum up the courage..it seemed too heavy. Even the thought of being ‘that’ mom scares the hell out of me..!!

    Happy to have read this Vi’s mom!!


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