Baby katha: the baby’s story

Last week, I was showing Vi the picture of my friend’s family who had just adopted a baby girl. And since he had not seen the baby earlier with those friends, he wanted “baby katha” i.e. baby story. Since I started making up stories for him, it has always been like this. Anything new he sees he wants a story for that. From a twig on the road to the bus he takes. All have stories of their own now. So baby was no different.
So I thought I would make the story as close to the truth as possible. And as always there were additions from his side. So I told him how baby was born and baby’s mother could not take care of baby. Pat came the question, “baby papa?” . I said baby’s papa also could not take care. He was like thinking for a while and said, “Papa,  office?” First I tried to make him understand that papa was not there to look after baby because he was poor and dint have money. But that somehow dint fit into his version of the story. He insisted on “Papa, office” and I agreed. So we  continue with our story saying no one was there to look after baby and baby was alone. He tells me “Appoopa,  baby nokaa” roughly translated as “an old man looked after baby”. Again I agreed to his version.

This was getting interesting with him filling in the story and me just providing the links. Finally, I told him that R aunty and K uncle were looking for a baby and A was looking for a little sister. Immediately he tells me, “baby putha papa amma” meaning ” baby got new papa and mama”. I was like, “Yes, that’s what happened”. A little story teller lives inside Vi. I hope I can nourish it and let his CREATIVITY bloom into its full in the years to come. Who knows, one day he might live my dream of becoming an author. 

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