Tu es gentil

This is something I hear most of the time when I am either travelling with Vi or at the park or when I go to pick him up from his crèche (halte garderie). People say that to Vi very often. First I used to think that they were telling something like Vi is a gentle kid. I used to think he is far from gentle….He is always all over the place. It’s only after I checked it on Google translate that I learned that it means “You are kind”. Aah. .yes. Vi is a kind boy. He is willing to share things with complete strangers. Usually stuff to eat. Yes, he does has his specific stuff that he doesn’t like to share and I think that’s ok. As adults, even we may not like to share ALL our stuff. In the bus, if I give him a chocolate, he asks me if he can have one more. It may be for the old man who’s sitting nearby or the toddler who is wailing. Some accept and some don’t ,but he wants to offer. I let him go ahead. I feel this is a very important character strength of his. ” KINDNESS”
I hope and pray that it only grows with him and never diminishes.Tu es gentil Vihaan!

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